Notable Women Quilt Initiative


Part Deux Due Date:   by June 15, 2014

For those of you who wanted to participate but did not complete your quilt in time, feel free to come on board our wonderful quilt initiative anytime between March 1 and June 15, 2014 and we will add your quilt to upcoming exhibits following our March 1, 2014 debut at Southern Oregon University.


The Rogue Art Quilters of Ashland, Oregon is sponsoring an Art Quilt Initiative that is open to all interested Art Quilters.  Membership in RAQ is not required.  This Initiative is focused on honoring Notable Women.  Plans are to exhibit these Art Quilts in at least four locations in 2014, commencing in March, 2014 in recognition of National Women’s History Month.  We anticipate that we will be adding a number of additional confirmed exhibit venues in the near future.


Design an Art Quilt that celebrates a Notable Woman who has made a difference in the world, past or present.  The Notable Woman would typically be well-known in her field of expertise and recognized by at least a portion of the general populace.  For example, Betsy Ross is well-known in America, Marie Curie is especially well-known in Poland and France. Sally Ride is famous in America for being the first woman astronaut to enter low Earth orbit, Eva Peron for being the First Lady of Argentina.  A Notable Woman would have been or done something significant that compelled us to view the world differently, that touched our hearts, that encouraged striving to achieve our own goals by virtue of her success.

The Art Quilt

  • For this Initiative, an Art Quilt is defined as having a distinguishable or identifiable subject; in this case, a Notable Woman.
  • Your Art Quilt shall reflect innovative construction and design techniques, using personal expression in concept, design, and execution.
  • Art Quilts must be made of fabric, having three layers, a binding of your choice, and contain quilting.
  • Quilting may be done by hand or machine.  Hand tied quilts do not meet the definition of Art Quilt for this Initiative.
  • Entries must be clean and odor-free.  Art Quilts with cigarette odor will be immediately disqualified.

The Subject Matter

  • The woman you select must be a Notable Woman, representational of her field of expertise and recognizable to at least a portion of the general populace as a well-known personage.
    • Think author, poet, artist,  singer, musician, humanitarian, politician, doctor, businesswoman, scientist, world leader, explorer, Et al.
    • It is understood that your mother/sister/grandmother has made a difference, but it is probable that she does not meet the overall criteria of this Initiative.
    • If you are looking for ideas, check out some of the links to lists of notable women on this website.

The Quilt Requirements

  • Quilt size:  24” square.  No other sizes will be accepted.
  • All Art Quilts must be of original design, no kits or commercial patterns are permitted. 
  • Artistic use of words on the quilt front is desirable.
  • Embellishments are encouraged; however, fragile embellishments are not recommended and are used at your own risk.
  • No required fabric is assigned. 
  • Place a quilt label on the back of your Art Quilt containing at least: 
    • Title of your work
    • The name of the Notable Woman being recognized
    • Your name, address, phone, email, and date of completion. 
    • Adding a small story on the label about your Notable Woman of choice is encouraged, but optional.
  • Add a 4” hanging sleeve to the back, located one-half inch from the top of the quilt.
  • If you use words or pictures printed on fabric, be sure that they are either copyright-free or in the public domain.  If copyrighted materials are used, citation and permission from the copyright holder must accompany your Art Quilt.
  • Art Quilts must be able to be folded, rolled or stacked and require no special handling. 
  • There is a limit of 2 entries per quilter.

The Exhibit Venues

  • We currently have four venues with committed time and space; and we continue to pursue other venues, including major quilt shows.  We expect that other venues will request exhibit privileges as the Notable Women Quilt Initiative is viewed and will announce new venues on this website as they become known.
  • We commit to exhibit these Art Quilts only in secure and safe locations, but cannot be held responsible for damage or loss beyond our control.  We will make every effort to take care of your quilts and return them to you in the same condition they were submitted.  We recommend that you insure your quilts through your personal insurance company.
  • It is possible that certain, as-yet-unannounced, venues will be unable to display all of the Art Quilts submitted for this Initiative, in which case the Curator will determine which Art Quilts will be displayed.  It is feasible that  the Art Quilts could be divided into categories of Notable Women – author, scientist, Et al, as suits a smaller venue. For example, submitted Art Quilts of Notable Authors would do well as a Library exhibit.

The Legal Stuff

All entries must meet the requirements of this Initiative as indicated above and be accompanied by an entry form and fees as applicable.  Fees may be paid by check or money order (US $), made payable to Janis Stoker, Curator.  The Entry Form is located on a tab at the top of this website’s banner.  Please print out one entry form per Art Quilt, complete, sign, and include with your Art Quilt.

Upon entering, you agree to allow your Art Quilt to be photographed for all potential print, broadcast, and internet media coverage as yet undetermined, including  posting on this website and our related Facebook page.

You agree that we may hold your Art Quilt for a minimum of one year from the entry deadline date.  We have expectations that the initial exhibits of the Notable Women Quilt Initiative will result in additional venues requesting  the exhibit for display.   If exhibit requests extend beyond one year, quilters will be notified by email.

We reserve the right to refuse to exhibit or remove from the exhibit any work that does not meet all the criteria of this Initiative or which is of poor quality or which has been misrepresented in the entry process.  If you are unsure as to whether your quilt will qualify, feel free to email a high density JPEG file to the curator for prior acceptance.  (Curator’s email:

Notices, information, comments, photos will be posted on the Notable Women Quilt Initiative website and Facebook page during the tenure of this exhibit.

International Art Quilter Participation

We welcome Art Quilters from all countries to enter an Art Quilt in our Initiative.  However, we are not equipped to manage International shipping or Customs issues that may arise. Therefore, International Art Quilters would need a USA address of a friend or relative where we may return your quilt  at the end of this Initiative.


Deadline for Entries:  June 15, 2014


  • RAQ Members – no fee.
  • Non-Members – please include $20.00 per entry to cover handling and postage costs.

Quilts may be mailed to:

Janis Stoker
398 Madrone Ridge Drive
Grants Pass, OR  97527